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International Estimating ensures to turn your vision into reality. It is deep-seated in our core values to provide the services in the given timeframe. We provide highly professional and efficient reports. We aim to help our customers to carry out their complex issues with a wide range of outsource estimating services.

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International Estimating is the best cost estimating company as we are providing highly professional estimation services. We are committed to providing services in the given timeframe. Our company provides cost estimator services based on your requirements and budget. Our target is to fulfill the demands of all sorts of companies, either large or small. Here we have a team that will manage your projects with precision and quality, whether it is a large-scale project, a one-time simple project, or a combination of large and small projects. You will not regret your trust in us.

Being the best cost estimating company, we empower and facilitate our customers to meet the toughest deadlines and raise their business with precise takeoffs. Our cost estimator company believes in trust and integrity more than money. Our team ensures to bring your dreams into reality.

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Estimating Companies NYC

Estimating company provides cost estimating services to the trade and domestic market. The company’s main target is to provide the highest quality, timely, and accurate estimates in an affordable manner. We offer a full range of services that can help you meet the needs of both large and small companies. Estimating companies NYC offers a comprehensive range of cost estimating services that can help you make sound business decisions. Whether you are planning a large-scale project, a simple one-time project, or even a combination of both, we can help.

Cost Estimating NYC

Estimator services companies have a very large role to play in all the major business activities of today. This is one of the reason why most of the large businesses and organizations seek out to outsource their various activities like Cost Estimator, Quality Assurance, Labor Cost Estimator. Cost Estimator services companies have a very high standard in their work, which is why they are able to provide cost effective services to their clients. Most of the estimating companies that provide these services are capable of providing services at the fraction of the actual costs incurred by them.

How estimating companies help you

If you are planning to build a building or renovate a commercial building, it is quite obvious that you would require help from an expert in this regard and how estimating companies help you in this regard is very important. You may have various ideas on how you can complete a particular project and this is what the estimating companies do. They make a detailed analysis of the needs of the client and the current building and financial status of the company. They try to estimate the costs that need to be made and also the time required to complete the required project.

What We Offer at international estimating

International Estimating’s experienced team offers a suite of services and support at each stage of the cost estimator services, from product specifications, procurement to assisting with a smooth process through control sign-off. Whether you are a builder, architect, or self-builder, we put our customers at the heart of every project. Through its services, guidance, and support, International Estimating helps you save time, build intelligently, reduce risks, and make you more competitive for every job.


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International estimating company is one of the registered estimating companies in New York. For 20 years, our company solving client’s problems; we are providing excellent customer service because customers are our priority. In our company, we use the latest best estimating company software’s backed up with professionals over a decade of Experience. International Estimating provides accurate Building Cost Estimates and Takeoff for all types of projects like new Construction, Remodel or Renovation. We offer Commercial Estimation services as well so, feel free to get in touch with us!

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FAQ’s – International Estimating

International Estimating is an International company providing professional cost estimating, project management, and drafting services for the estimating industry, helping small and large businesses tender on projects.

Having full-time electrical and civil estimators can cost $60,000 – $150,000 per annum in the region. We acknowledge that business needs to run smarter and more efficiently to ensure a profit is gained in this competitive market. Using Estimating International, you are not locked into any contracts, and our service is based on an as-needed basis only, eliminating the need to employ a full-time estimator.

Yes, of course! We help companies across the country and have clients all around America.

We currently have more than 50 full-time estimators with a combined industry experience of 500+ Years. Between us, we have worked on projects ranging from $5k – $50m across the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.


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