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Takeoff Estimating Services

International Estimating LLC offers construction takeoff services, material estimate & cost estimating services to the contractors. We make sure all our estimates are detailed, well-referenced & 100% accurate. 

The company deals with all kinds of materials and cost estimates for residential and commercial construction projects. Moreover, the latest Software like Plan swift helps our estimators prepare the most accurate and fast estimates for any project. Our services are for everyone who is looking for material quantities or cost estimation services of construction projects.

Construction Takeoff Services

Many contractors lose their money on an average of more than $250,000 per month because they don’t bid due to a lack of construction takeoff estimating services resources and time.

International Estimating is here to provide estimates for contractors to bid more and save their estimating expenses through our expert estimating services. We assist busy contractors with a diverse range of estimating, takeoff services and paving their way toward winning jobs successfully.

Outsource Estimating Services

Outsourcing your estimating can help you either way if you are preparing estimates on your own or if you have an in-house dedicated construction estimator to do the job.
Performing an accurate takeoff requires software proficiency and a keen eye for detail. Contractors involved in smaller businesses usually perform material takeoff on their own, which is time-consuming, frustrating, and accuracy gets compromised.

Takeoff Estimation Services For Construction Projects

Construction takeoff estimation services are used for almost every dimension of construction, from simple to complex projects. A material take-off includes projected counts of material supplies, material costs, labor expenses, and equipment by detailed pricing, as well as a project completion date estimate based on delivery timings and building hours.  Construction Estimating is a New York-based company that provides services all over the USA. We provide you with hassle-free services for our clients.

Bid Accurate Proposals

Construction take-offs are used in the bidding process to provide the accurate cost that may be used. However, the takeoff estimating stage is time consuming and is a crucial aspect of every project.

Materials List Accuracy

Construction takeoffs estimate the raw materials or prefabricated products that must be ordered and give assurance that the material list is complete and commodities are correctly cost. Estimators and builders utilize digital take-off software to generate price estimates and correctly calculate material prices.

Accounting For Contractors

Many projects necessitate the use of specialist installations. An estimator or builder uses the building material take-off procedure to assess whether a general contractor or many subcontractors are necessary and may be added to the project proposal. 

Difference Between Takeoff And Estimating

Take-off is the total amount of materials required for a task. That’s all! Take-offs do not include any material expenses or other charges that an estimate will have An estimate, on the other hand, expands on the take-off. Estimates apply expenses to all items identified by the take-off and include any additional expenditures the contractor will experience. To make the work easier, many contractors employ building cost-estimating software.

Why There Is A Need For Construction Takeoff Estimating Services

On consulting with the outsource take-off estimation, it doesn’t mean that you have to hire a completely new team. It will help save time and money and help you estimate the construction. There are some benefits to considering why an estimating company is worth it.  

Estimate the actual cost of the project

An estimating outsourced is also worth it because you already know the construction cost. This helps you in having complete planning of where to start. There is no waste of money as well as no waste of material. An excellent estimating outsourcing company will always tell you about the proper expenditure that will cost.

Effectively plan

The most important reason you should have an estimating company is that you can plan accordingly. This will help you create an accurate plan for your construction according to your budget level and provide you best outsource estimating services. When you hire the estimator, they will prepare all the estimating documents for you, i.e., construction blueprints, architectural reports, and other technical documents.

An outsourcing company is more accurate.

Construction estimating requires extensive knowledge and experience in the field, which most contractors lack or do not want to devote their time to. An outsourced contractor or estimator has a staff of experts in this industry, allowing them to give clients high-quality estimates.

Fast turnaround time

Construction estimating take-off services make it easy for the constructor to reduce the turnaround time. And work can be done according to the estimating plan. When you hire someone to carry out the estimation services for you, they have all the necessary resources to complete it swiftly. 

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    FAQ’s – International Estimating

    International Estimating is an International company providing professional cost estimating, project management, and drafting services for the estimating industry, helping small and large businesses tender on projects.

    Having full-time electrical and civil estimators can cost $60,000 – $150,000 per annum in the region. We acknowledge that business needs to run smarter and more efficiently to ensure a profit is gained in this competitive market. Using Estimating International, you are not locked into any contracts, and our service is based on an as-needed basis only, eliminating the need to employ a full-time estimator.

    Yes, of course! We help companies across the country and have clients all around America.

    We currently have more than 50 full-time estimators with a combined industry experience of 500+ Years. Between us, we have worked on projects ranging from $5k – $50m across the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.