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We exists to ensure your vision becomes a reality.

International Estimating LLC exists to ensure your vision becomes a reality. It is embedded in our core values to help customers solve complex problems ensuring our clients execute projects with peace of mind by providing professional Construction Estimating Services Florida..

Construction Cost Estimating Services Seattle

Our team is dedicated at providing maximum value to design professionals, builders, and government agencies while fulfilling their Construction Cost Estimating Services Seattle needs. Our richly experienced team, excellent customer services record and concise reporting translates customer estimation dreams to reality. Our unbeatable construction cost estimating services Seattle provide the solid foundation our clients need to plan for success.

We at International Estimating strive to develop a clear understanding of the costs and risks associated with construction project so our clients can plan better for successful project execution. We offer two specific services in construction estimating services Florida.

Construction Estimating Consultants

A material takeoff Services is an indispensable tool for every stakeholder construction industry. Our experienced quantity surveyors understand all aspects of construction. This helps in generating a comprehensive takeoff, even in the earliest stages of designing and planning. All of our takeoff reports are accompanied by detailed and color coded takeoff drawings.

Our approach to quantities take-off estimating is to assign a lead estimator whose experience and leadership is a good fit for the team and project. The lead estimator is involved from project concept through Construction Estimating Consultants completion and is supported by discipline-specific estimators as needed. A baseline estimate is established early, and updates occur as issues arise. We do not do this just at 30 percent, 60 percent and 90 percent drawing completion. This is the key to keeping the project within budget and on schedule.

Our construction estimating consultants are diverse in experience and qualifications. We have licensed engineers, certified professional construction estimating consultants by the American Society of Professional Estimators (ASPE), and staff with previous experience working with general contractors and major mechanical and electrical subcontractors. We are experienced with numerous estimating programs like Planswift, Bluebeam etc. and can adapt these to meet the specific project needs. 

Construction Estimating Services

Accurate estimating begins with the understanding that every aspect of a project has a cost associated with it. That’s why commercial construction cost estimator involves listening to you, the owner, to understand your project goals, predicting costs by understanding market conditions, using supplier and subcontractor relationships for pricing and constructability, capturing cost history and communicating this information in a timely and meaningful way to the project team.

Our estimating department comprises professional Construction Estimating Consultants who specialize in one or more disciplines, including site, civil, architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical. At least one of our expert estimators cover virtually every aspect of a project.

Construction Cost Estimating Services Seattle


Because we provide estimates to our traditional engineering-only clients and well as our design-build construction clients, we have developed an extensive database of cost information on a wide variety of domestic and foreign projects.

Financial expectations determine project fate at early stages, only accurate cost estimates determine which projects can be completed within budget. Our team of construction cost estimating experts will answer all of your feasibility questions so that you can focus your time and energy on the most profitable projects possible.

Construction Estimating Services - MEP Estimating

We understand the Mechanical and Electrical trades are more complex and technical with new technology developments. We have a separate division looking after the MEP trades with professionals have prior experience for both execution and estimation. Our team specializes in a multitude of software being used to do MEP estimates including traditional software such as Planswift and Bluebeam to trade specific softwares like Trimble’s Accubid.
Our MEP estimates can be easily updated and manipulated by customers to meet their specific requirements. The estimate has materials and labor hours broken down, with labor units calculated from PHCC, MCAA or any other database depending upon client requirements.


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